Custom Fashion Clothing can never go out of style. Every bride needs to wear a custom-designed dress for their wedding and receptions. Because, why not? “She deserves to look the best on the most remarkable day of her life”. You have a single chance to look the most exceptional in your life, so why let it go? Reception parties have the most of the crowd during the wedding week when people come and congratulate the couple. This is the time to flaunt your personal style with your custom dress.

Let’s talk about some ideas to look phenomenal at your wedding reception:

Red is the Classic

The colour Red signifies love and passion. It is considered sacred for different reasons in India. Indian women wear a red bindi on their forehead to denote they are married. Red colour catches the eye of the second person promptly. It has been worn by the Indian brides primarily for generations. Even today the majority of the brides opt to wear a red custom lehenga or nightgown for their reception party.

Banarasi look for real

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Yes, believe it or not, Banarasi art is back and is going to stay with us for a while. The intricate motifs along the border and all-over fabric look straight-away elegant. Lehengas can be stitched out of your sarees as a sustainable option. The crowd cannot take eyes off your reception outfit with the metallic brocade work. It looks absolutely phenomenal.

A yes to the Sweet-hearty neckline

You can’t wear a plain boring round-neckline for your wedding party. Come on, are you a guest or the bride? Sweet-heart neckline can never be a fail when you want you to want your custom dress to be all praises. It instantly uplifts your bust and can add up to your figure. Although if you have a heavy chest, you need to be a little careful with this one.

Be your own kind of princess

A gown full of sequins and those glittery bits are a true synonym to the word ‘enchanting’. A custom made off-shoulder net-fabric gown embellished with glittery fringes will make you look none less than a princess at your party. There you go, as all eyes will be on you.

If you need to get your wedding and party outfits customised, you found the right place!


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