Custom- made dresses have been a go-to for everyone’s wardrobes for generations. Why is it so that a majority of people prefer Tailor-made or custom-made outfits for themselves over buying anything ready to wear through online mode or in-store? Let’s not make it boring and I’ll share with you why I personally choose custom dresses over anything else.

1. Always give you a better shape

Custom dresses are specially designed and tailored according to your measurements. You always have the benefit of deciding what kind of fit do you want it to be, either be slim-fit, loose-fit or a regular one. But with readymade outfits, you can’t do much about the fittings as they come in specific sizes that different across various brands.

2. Choose your own fabric

With custom made dresses you can decide the fabric you want to go for your outfit, whereas in case of ready to wear, the garment cannot be customized according to your choices. Ready to wear outfits do not come out of the best quality fabric always, but when customizing your outfit, you can choose the quality of the fabric, the kind of fabric, different colours, and many other options come with customization.

3. Design it yourself

You have the right to give in your ideas on how you want your dress to look, don’t you? Custom dresses are made according to the customer’s choices. If you don’t want your outfit to show too much skin, you don’t have to. Women are keen to be their own designers, so customising is a great option to apply their personal skills. Whereas the options available for readymade garments are a bit limited, and you will have to work with what’s available.

4. The time is worth the buy

Yes, it takes some time to produce a custom dress, but it has more benefits as compared to ready to wear garments. Good quality is maintained while designing custom dresses. They are more sustainable. Believe it or not, a custom dress always creates a good impression on the mind of the second person. It’s more unique and elegant.

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