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The evolution of fashion has catered a lot to the fashion industry as well as in booming the confidence of women today. The fashion industry has seen all shades of what one can transform into. India, a country with such diversity in cultures is the epitome of fashion. Clothing in India changes depending on the different ethnicity, geography, climate, and cultural traditions of the people of each region of India, but what can be seen is the evolution that has taken place for few years.

Women have started experimenting with their clothing and a pattern can be seen evidently. In the beginning, they were restricted to their traditional outfits but with time as they got familiarized with the west, they gave birth to indo-western outfits. Indo-western outfits have the touch of authenticity as well as the courage of trying new ways to dress up. From salwar kameez to bell-bottoms to high-street fashion, we have tried and tested everything so far. Some trends got all the love but still died while some stayed forever...

The graph of trials have never been the same, starting from salwar kameez to landing up with pairing a kurta with denim jeans or from skinny to stretchy jeans, the journey has been beautiful to witness. Women were shy at the beginning of an era and now they all have turned their dress sense into a bold, confident, and elegant statement.

By the beginning of 2000, saree was not worn the way they were used to be wrapped as rather they came out in a slinky, glamorous, re-incarnation as the sexy saree worn with deep-cut, cleavage-baring blouses - in fabrics like net, satin, chiffon, and lace. Similarly, from knee-length skirts to mini-skirts a dynamic shift was seen not only in the way women carried it effortlessly but also with how they were comfortable in their skin. As a decade passed by with plenty of trends coming and going which included bell-bottoms to tube tops, the fashion industry never failed to make any women frown.

Even at present times, from high-waisted palazzo pants to off-shoulder blouses, handloom saris, and maxi dresses, fashion in this age of digitization is every women’s confidence and a will to experiment with new trends coming up every six months. Irrespective of how women chose to dress up, it reflects how bold, independent, and confident individual she is.

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