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How to design your look with the least amount of money?

There have been days in our life when we want to look our best but still don’t want to spend much money because maybe it’s month-end and we are sort of broke or sometimes we just do not wish to spend much money. So what do we do in such situations? We think of borrowing a dress from our sister or a dear friend but it kinda makes us feel awkward and shy.

So I’ve some tips and tricks for you to look your best without spending much money and also not to borrow a dress from your sister or a friend.


Always try to experiment with what you’ve in your wardrobe. You can get your old clothes customized at a cheap price or even can customize them at home. Cut short your long length dresses into small length ones, you can get a dress or a top made out of your mum’s old saree which will turn into an amazing outfit I tell you beforehand!

◘ Accessorize

Always accessorize your outfit with different accessories every time you wear it. Even your same dress or a top can be worn again and again styling with different neckpieces, statement earrings, bags, belts, and what not else? You can style your basic black dress with a broad golden belt once and the next time you can wear the same dress but with heavy earrings instead of a belt this time and the same way you can style and repeat your clothes without burning a hole in your pocket.

◘ Layering is your best friend

Every closet has one or another type of a denim jacket, a shrug or a cardigan to put on. So why not layer it up when in confusion? You can put on your denim jacket with a white t-shirt and your blue denim jeans to have denim on denim look or else in winters you can simply wear a white shirt and layer it up with a decent warm sweater and pair it up with a cute skater skirt and thermal black leggings and you’re good to goo...

◘ Custom made

Who said your old clothes cannot be worn again? Just try customizing them to match up your trendy game. Use your old Kurtis or your mother’s saree and even your father’s or brother’s oversized t-shirt and shirt to make yourself a good looking outfit because as you know OLD IS GOLD! ;)

◘ Mismatch and show your creativity

The best way to style is to swap your regular outfits to create a new one and without letting anyone notice that you’ve repeated your clothes. Changing your blazer to a cardigan and your heels to some sneakers can take an outfit from work-friendly to weekend-outing. Isn’t it amazing to leave everybody in a thought that how you’re wearing new clothes daily? When the actual secret is just to swap, mismatch, and let the fashionista in you flaunt her creativity without much efforts and money being spent.

Following all the fashion trends and staying up to date doesn’t mean you’ve to break your bank balance, but instead just to show your creativity with all that your wardrobe has stored in it for you.


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