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How to dress when you’ve no dress code for a wedding!

Weddings are no less than a festival because they’re full of excitement, different delicacies and the most important thing which cannot be ignored is THE DRESS. One has to look her best even if it’s not her wedding but isn’t it difficult to decide what to wear especially when you don’t have a dress code? Your problem might get doubled up when you’ll have to dress up for a different culture’s wedding…

What will you wear then? You will not buy a new dress and let it rest after wearing it for once, so let’s go and find out what all we can wear for a different culture’s wedding.

1. Hindu Weddings

Hindu wedding calls for an elaborate celebration that lasts for almost 4-5 days including pre-wedding function, wedding, and post-wedding function. For 4-5 days you need different attires and it can be confusing what to wear on what function? To go with the vibe of every Hindu wedding function, you can wear an indo-western gown on the day of engagement, for the cocktail night you can wear a dress and be easy and comfortable, and for the Mehndi night try to wear a bottle-green or black colored sharara-suit. On the wedding day, go for a heavy lehenga-choli and accessories including heavy earrings, mang tikka, and don’t forget to wear matching bangles and at the end of all the ceremonies, on the day of reception when mostly all the relatives are invited, you can go for a western look wearing a heavy gown and keeping your hair open or tied up in a messy bun.

2. South Indian Weddings

South Indian weddings are a beautiful mix of rituals, subtle yet elegant decorations, delicious cuisine, and simple ethnic attires. You don’t have to think much when you’re invited to a South Indian wedding because you know where you’ve to go for your dress, and that is in your mother’s wardrobe. Yes, you read it right… all you’ve to do is just take out a silk sari for yourself and a piece of basic gold jewelry to match up with and you’re good to go! You can get your blouse design however you like, it can be backless, sleeveless, boat neck, etc etc. Also, don’t forget to wear that good smelling gajra on your bun. ;)

3. Muslim/Islamic Weddings

Just like any other Indian wedding, a Muslim wedding is no less than about good food, beautiful decorations, and beautiful and heavy dresses to wear throughout the wedding functions. The green color is considered auspicious in Islamic culture, so you can prefer wearing something in shades of green and that will also add a different shade to your traditional outfits. Go for shimmery shararas and salwar-kameez with subtle makeup and a beautiful jhoomar passa. Always keep in mind to keep yourself covered while attending a Muslim wedding and avoid wearing skin-baring clothes.

4. Christian Weddings

Christian weddings are short and sweet to be remembered forever, there’s no such chaos or loud music. It is all about the love and other symbolic elements that reflect the belief of the couple. Men are usually dressed up in suits paired with a white shirt but you’ll find women wearing different beautiful dresses and gowns. One can wear an A-line gown or a sheath gown which has a body-hugging fit throughout and also a knee-length dress will work too. There’s no specific color to be worn but you’ve to say no to black (difficulty level infinity) because, in Christian culture, black is considered for funerals and not weddings. Don’t forget your fancy hat!

I hope, now you’re ready to attend most of the weddings without spending much time brainstorming what to wear and what not to. Also one common tip for all the wedding attires, DON’T FORGET TO CARRY YOUR AMAZING PERSONALITY AND CONFIDENCE WITH YOU



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