Is your birthday visiting during the lockdown? No need to feel low. You can still celebrate your quarantine birthday like a pro with your friends over a video call. So get out of your beds and dress up the best way you would for a birthday party outside, cos your girls are still there for you. Dressing up and looking good makes one feel confident and creates a cheerful emotion from the inside. So why let your birthday go wasted, just because of this lockdown.

Today I’m going to share some ideas to make your quarantine birthday the best of all birthdays so far. So keep your eyes open and keep reading.

Comfy palazzos with your favourite top

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Every girl owns a pair of palazzos pants. Palazzos are the comfiest yet stylish bottoms, one’s wardrobe has. Palazzos are available in so many colours and prints that one cannot even think of. So why not, take out your pair and match it with a top of your choice. If you do not have palazzos, you can go for the cutest pair of pyjamas you have.

Maxi dress

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A maxi dress looks classy and it’s the best option you can think of, to stay cozy while looking a hottie at the same time. If you don’t have a maxi dress with you, you can browse youtube for some stunning ways to create a dress out of a saree.

Turn your kurti into a dress

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If you have a beautiful round kurti, you can wear it as a dress for your online birthday party. Try to make your quarantine birthday a little different from the ones you have celebrated so far. So why to put ethnic out of options?

Don’t forget

to wear a mask, the new accessory

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Home-made masks are so much in vogue. You can make your own, by using a scarf. Fashion stylists have made it a trend. Masks can be solid coloured or overall patterned. A home-made mask is surely a better and sustainable option.

A bit of makeup won’t harm

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Believe it or not, makeup brings out self-confidence from within a person. And for your birthday, I feel just a lip tint or mascara won’t do no harm. What are you waiting for? Take out the paints and brushes and create a look that is mesmerizing as it’s your birthday.


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