Releasing Cover Song Featuring Wife Garima Mudgal Presented By MAGGCOM.CO

RJ Navneet earlier did not use to get any time along with his work as a Radio Jockey. He was too busy to find time to play with his hobbies watching the beauty of the dawn. The Covid-19 lockdown gave him moments to spend with his wife and work on his inner-self. He used to write poems on the on-going issues for his shows and videos.

Someone said it right, Boredom brings out the inner creativity. Staying home is a relief for those with jobs that don’t let them work on their creative hobbies.

After making a lot of awareness videos on the Covid situation RJ Navneet decided to utilize the quarantine time to bring out the memories and the skills inside him. RJ Navneet has written and recorded a cover version of the 90’s hit “Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi”, without neglecting the norms of social distancing. The cover song video features his wife Garima, who is a poet by profession. The song has been beautifully composed by Rajat Yagnik. The whole video has been made by the members staying at their homes only. In a conversation with MAGGCOM’s Writer, when asked about his journey he was very kind and shared everything about his childhood to his current job.

How did you begin your career after education?

After completing my graduation, I decided to do something in Journalism. I did my PG from a local institution due to a lack of financing. Then I tried my luck in local TV news channels. I joined a newspaper as well and worked there for 8-9 months. Later, I thought about joining Radio, after getting inspired by my friends who had already been working in this field. I got rejected several times, but never gave up.

How do you think Covid-19 has affected the lives of the RJs?

I personally feel that it has affected the lives of all the content creators in a positive way. We are now getting time to create new and good quality content with enough time to prepare for it. This is the time to search out for our hidden potentials and work on them. We are continuously busy creating and achieving new goals in life, I never thought I’ll have 40-50 days to do something I’ve always wanted to do.

Share some details about your song.

I wrote this cover song, keeping social distancing in mind. I asked my wife to give a look at the lyrics, who’s a poet and she approved it and loved it. Then I sent it to my sound engineer, he’s a music composer as well. He composed the music and I recorded the song by working at our respective homes. A fourth person is working on editing. Change is necessary and has positive as well as negative aspects. It took us 2-3 days to complete the whole song

What kind of attire do you prefer?

I wear all kinds of attire if it suits my personality. T-shirts feel more comfortable in the workplace. I like all kinds of fashion.

What are your thoughts on Custom Fashion?

I like custom fashion only. I used to be thin during college. I get my clothes tailor-made in Indore only. I really liked wearing short kurta’s getting inspired from “Rang de Basanti”. I have a wardrobe full of customized blazers. Custom-made clothes increase the self-confidence of a person.

The romantic cover of “Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi” featuring RJ Navneet and his wife Garima Mudgal along with the hard work of the team, This song is presented by maggcom.co & Studio Partner Bounce Studio , is releasing soon on RJ Navneet’s Youtube channel and Facebook page. Stay tuned.


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